Most Popular Solar Panel Brands

Homeowners today have more than 150 different solar panel brands/manufacturers to choose from – it sure can be confusing to go solar! The chart below should help you get an idea on what manufacturers are the most popular:

Most popular solar panel manufacturers

California leads the nation with 132,904 solar projects and 1,388 megawatts installed as of 11.28.12[1] – almost half the capacity of photovoltaics in the entire country. Data collected by the California Solar Statistics can therefore be used to pinpoint what solar panel manufacturers are the most popular in the United States.

American-based SunPower is the king of the throne with 844,727 (15.6 %) solar panels installed out of 5,427,850 total (in California). This company manufactures the highest performing solar panels on the market today and touts module efficiencies of up to 20.1%.[2] You can only get SunPower solar panels through certified solar installers.

To look up the totals of the other solar panel manufacturers, collect the data directly from the source, and use pivot tables to find the numbers you are looking for.


In the last two years, Yingli Energy and Suntech Power from China have seen a rapid growth in sales in the U.S. Both are closing in on Sharp from Japan – the number one solar panel manufacturer in terms of revenues in 2010.

Although SunPower is king in the U.S., Suntech Power is currently the world`s largest solar panel manufacturer with more than 13 million solar panels delivered to more than 80 counties.

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A. Thirukkalathiappan

you have plotted the solar panels manufacturers but you have not mentioned about solar frontier or avancis

March 12, 2013 7:00 pm Reply


Thanks for the comment! Neither of those manufacturers have made it to the top 20 in California yet.

June 7, 2013 9:47 pm Reply

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