How to Become Energy Self-Sufficient

What if I said that you could generate all of your energy needs at home with a few simple installations? Most people wouldn’t believe me, but with the technology nowadays, this is actually possible. More and more people actually get off the electrical grid and become completely energy self-sufficient.


Wind Energy

The kinetic energy in the wind can be converted to electricity with a wind turbine. This is done using the principles of induction (a little bit out of the scope of this article). You don’t have to get a huge commercial wind turbine to get a decent amount of produced electrical energy. Smaller wind turbines designed for residents are more efficient than ever.

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If you want to learn more about wind energy, I’ve made a separate article going deeper into the
Wind Energy Pros and Cons


Solar Energy

A solar photovoltaic panel (also known as PV-cells or solar cells) converts sunlight into electrical energy. The process itself is fairly complicated. These devices have the ability to produce large amounts of electricity, even in places where sun exposure is limited.

With passive solar systems you can supply your house with solar powered heating. The goal here is not to provide electricity, but rather reduce the overall consumption of energy. By just using passive solar systems alone, you can cut significant amounts off of your electrical bill.

You can read more about these methods in Solar Energy Pros and Cons.


Energy Storage Batteries

Wind and solar energy are both quite unreliable when it comes to availability. They are not a part of the energy sources that supply the base load of electricity such as coal and nuclear fission plants.

Therefore, energy storage batteries become absolutely essential if you want a green energy home that is self-sufficient.  Now you have a dynamic system that fills the batteries with energy whenever there is a surplus of wind and/or sunlight that you can use later.

Solar panels and wind powered electricity in your home is a good and realistic way to get you off the grid without spending too much money. These are not the only methods you can use if you want to achieve this. I know for a fact that many people have great success with using residential geothermal heating to lower their electricity consumption.


Additional Wind and Solar Energy Information

If you want to read up on wind and solar energy feel free to use the Wind and Solar category on this site. If you have any questions regarding this article or anything vaguely energy related, don’t hesitate to post comments below or through Contact Us.

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Linea Payne

Thank you for your site. It is informative and helpful and explains complicated issues in an easy to grasp manner. I am trying to learn how i can affordably get alternative power and hopefully get of the grid or at least enough to have everything i need when the power goes down (a lot around here). Good luck with your studies. May you bring our world to a better place.

March 31, 2012 3:27 am Reply


Wouldn’t it also be possible to have a high grade generator that fires up initially with a fuel source, diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and once it has fired up, an efficient electric motor takes over. The electric motor would obviously gets it’s power from the generator.
I simply don’t understand why homes aren’t being built as self sufficient being that we have such advanced technology now days that makes it simple reality.

June 29, 2014 4:14 am Reply

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