Solar Basics

Welcome to Energy Informative’s solar guide! The following articles are created to help you, the homeowner, learn more about solar panels. Our job is to help you figure out if you could benefit from solar. If you already know the basics, have questions, or if you just want to find out how much you can save by going solar, head over to 3 Solar Quotes for 100% free guidance.


How Solar Works

How do I find the best solar companies where I live? Should I buy or lease solar panels?

What are the components of a solar panel system and how do they actually work?

What do I need to know about the solar panel installation?

Maintenance and lifespan of a solar panel system:



What are the best technologies on the market today?

What solar panels, inverters and manufacturers do you recommend?



What is the best way to finance solar panels?


Extra Resources

Crave more knowledge on solar energy? This section is for you:



  1. remy jovero says

    Grid-tie System will rotate backward my house power meter. Its like selling my excess power if any, to the power company. No permission or does not have to inform the company? Thanks!

  2. Rikki Spanish says

    hello, i am using some information from this website for a research paper and would like to know how to cite your website as a source. ie. publication date and authors of the website

  3. anthony says

    can you make a chart showing the initial cost and regular cost of each energy system
    example:energy type initial regular
    solar energy $100000 $200/mo.
    wind energy $10000 $300/mo.
    and so on. please

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