How to Go Solar

Ever wonder How to Go Solar?

There are several different ways you can go solar today:

  1. Pay a solar company for a complete solar system and the solar installation. For most of us, this requires taking out a pretty hefty loan.
  2. Contact a solar service company that will let you lease their solar panels for little or no upfront costs. Extremely convenient, but not necessarily the best option if you want the most long-term savings.
  3. Buy solar panels and install them yourself. Note that proper certification is required to grid-tie the solar system.
  4. Subscribe to a solar garden. An excellent option for homeowners that can`t get solar panels themselves due to shading, limited space or ownership issues.
  5. Crowdfunding large-scale solar projects is also possible. Non-accredited investors can earn interest by financing clean energy projects all over the world.


How are you supposed to figure out what`s best in your situation? How do you find the best company? The solar world sure can be confusing. Not only do you have to figure out whether to buy, lease, build, subscribe or crowdfund, but you also have to find the right company to work with: There are literally hundreds of solar installers, solar services and solar financers to choose from.

We have partnered with 3 Solar Quotes to help homeowners quickly and seamlessly through the process. So far, over 3,600 members have gone solar through 3SQ and they save on average $1217.63 a year on electricity.

3 Solar Quotes will help you find the best solar deal possible, and they do it for free. With an independent 3SQ solar consultant at your side, you can compare custom quotes from the biggest solar providers in the industry (including SolarCity, SunRun, One Roof Energy and Pure Energies) and quickly figure out if solar makes sense for you:

What are you waiting for? To find out what`s best in your particular situation, request a Free Solar Consultation.


Full disclosure: Energy Informative gets a cut of the revenue. If you like what we do, and want to support us by requesting a free solar consultation, you know how to do so! (It doesn’t affect the price of your solar system in any way.)
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  1. R E Cobb says

    We have had a long history of trying to evaluate (on a single homer-owner basis) the payback vs investment. Some help would be appreciated. Thank You,
    R E Cobb

  2. Ali Reza says

    I am thinking to install a solar system for my villa in Spain (Costa Azhar, Castollion).
    its a 3 bed property. What would be your advise?

  3. says

    Solar is sometimes a confusing purchase for most people, it is still and it takes some research in learning how it works. Solar city is the number one residential installer in the US. We have options to own or purchase your solar system at no cost up front. It can should too good to be true for most people. Think of it this way, the utility companies run off of fossil fuel and turbines that cost millions of dollars to operate, the sun is free with solar making it a reliable and never ending source of overhead.

    Believe in a different way!

  4. says

    You say “So far, over 3,600 members have gone solar through 1BOG and they save on average $1217.63 a year on electricity”
    It would be great, if you do a full Costs and Benefits analysis, (ie) how long before you pay off the cost of the solar system.

  5. Michael Wedge says

    What is the “necessary” back-up for solar power systems when the sun is not available; i.e., nights and inclement weather (especially multiple consecutive days of severe weather and cloud cover)? What is required to provide back-up power and how much does it cost?

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